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Disco Rick (a/k/a Ricky Taylor) is a Miami bass hip-hop musician who has served as performer and producer over the past 15 years.

Rick began his music career with the Gucci Crew in the early 1980s, mixing music and writing lyrics that would go on to help define the Miami sound. He decided to strike out on his own before the group recorded their second album, and in 1990, he released his first LP with The Dogs – a group he co-founded on Joeyboy Records.

This self-titled debut launched the hits “Crack Rock” and “Take It Off,” and was followed up in 1991 with the highly successful Beware of the Dogs album. This LP added hits like “Nasty Dance” and “Get Down” to the group’s repertoire, and comparisons to 2 Live Crew were often made of The Dogs among Miami bass / sex rap fans.


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